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1. What is your company's background?

Connecticut Home Care Solutions is privately owned by Michaela Dwyer & Claudia Zurowski. Claudia has been in the home care industry for 19 years, specializing in case management, payroll, bookkeeping and human resources. Michaela has been in the home care field for 17 years. She began her career working in the field with clients providing homemaking & companion services. Soon after, she began working in the office of a home care agency where she honed her skills in case management, care planning and coordinating staff. Michaela also holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology & Applied Social Relations.

2. How long has your company been in business?
Connecticut Home Care Solutions has been actively servicing clients in the community since October 2007. During this time we have secured service contracts with the Connecticut Department of Social Services, Connecticut Community Care Inc., Senior Resources Agency on Aging, VA Connecticut, along with Private Clients.

3. What qualifications, certifications, experience and training do you require of your workers.
The preliminary qualifications for potential employees of CHCS is as follows:

A. Over the age of 21

B. Have a valid driver's license, registered & insured motor vehicle in safe working order.

C. Have a stellar work history

D. Have a clear motor vehicle record

E. Have a clear criminal history record

F. Can provide 3 professional references

G. Can provide 3 personal references

CNA certification is necessary for all employees providing Personal Care.
CARES certification is necessary for all employees providing Alzheimer's Care.

No experience is required but is preferred. The skills required for homemaking and companion services are basic life skills that each applicant should have from maintaining their own household and lives.

Potential applicants are invited to a two part interview then an orientation day where they are familiarized with our rules, regulations and standards of service. During this process we take a lot of time to try and get to know the applicant on a personal level so that we can make a compatible match with future clients.

Applicants can also take the opportunity to sign up for the CARES Training Program at this time.

Employees of CHCS must attend quarterly in-services to stay up to date with Home Care Issues.

4. Are your employees bonded & insured?
Yes, all employees are bonded & insured for your protection.

5. How do you supervise your workers to make sure the proper care is given?
Employees are monitored in a few different ways. A CHCS representative will always meet with a new client at the client's home. This gives us a "before picture". After your new homemaker has made a few visits the representative will come back to get an "after picture" to ensure employee productivity. This follow up visit also gives us an opportunity to make sure the client is satisfied with the services, and more importantly, is enjoying the time with their homemaker.

Additionally,  telephone calls are made to ensure that the client is satisfied with their services. Home visits are made to ensure client satisfaction and employee productivity.

*If you are unsatisfied with the services an employee is providing please contact us immediately and a new homemaker will be assigned to you.

6. Will the same employee continue with my case?
Yes, cases are assigned on a "permanent" basis.

7. Do you conduct a home visit before starting the home care services?
Yes, we will make an appointment to meet with you at your home. At this meeting we will discuss your needs and preferences. We want to make sure that the services are tailored to your needs.

8. Can you give me references?
Absolutely, we can give you references from our clients, care managers and social workers.

9. Do I have to sign a contract?
CHCS is here to meet your needs, and as needs change, so does your service. Therefore, we do not enter into contracts with our clients, but simply have a financial agreement stating our rates, terms and conditions for payment.

10. I have insurance and I'm not sure if it covers home care services. Will CHCS verify coverage prior to starting services?
Yes, CHCS is very comfortable dealing with insurance companies. We will check your coverage and let you know the results.

11. Can you provide short term care?
Yes. We never require you to "need" care for any specific amount of time. We will work with you to create a plan of care specified to your individual needs.

12. Can you provide care for a client in a facility (hospital, nursing home or assisted living)?
Yes. We can provide services to care facility residents who desire one-on-one companionship and personal care.

13. What if the client has to go into a facility?
The client has the option to either put their services "on hold" or they may receive services at the facility.

14. How often do I get billed for services?
Billing is done on a monthly basis.

15. How long will it take to get a caregiver?
Our staff will start recruiting efforts on your behalf as soon as you are set up as a client. We may make a referral immediately or it may take up to 1-2 business days. Our goal is to assign a dependable and compatible homemaker that will satisfy you and your needs. You can be assured that our staff will be working diligently on your behalf.

16. Can I interview the caregivers first?
CHCS is responsible for the formal screening, hiring, managing and scheduling of the caregivers and we have many years experience in this area. Our initial evaluation with the client and family will help to develop a profile of the type of caregiver they would like. We will then introduce the caregiver to you and/or your family. If YOU decide that the caregiver is a compatible match then we will assign the case to that caregiver. If not, we will introduce another until you are completely satisfied.

17. What happens if my caregiver is sick?
If your caregiver is unable to visit you a back up is always available. We will do our best to accommodate so that your regular schedule is not interrupted.

18. Why would I hire a CHCS caregiver versus a private caregiver?
CHCS would recommend that you do not hire privately unless you are prepared to be an employer of caregivers. The following are just a few of the things you must be prepared to handle when hiring privately:

  • Once you hire a caregiver privately, you are responsible for all state and federal payroll taxes.
  • You must obtain Workers Compensation Insurance or make sure your private caregiver comes with insurance. If not, you could be responsible for any injuries claimed to have happened while working at your home. How will you pay for any claims of disability if they are filed against you?
  • What happens if the private caregiver doesn't show up for work? Are you prepared to stay home and take care of your loved one? Or if the care is for you, are you prepared to be left alone without care if the caregiver does not show up?
  • Is the private caregiver bonded against theft?
  • Who will supervise him/her?